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Northwest Cranial Association
Code of Ethics

NWCA Code of Ethics

Members of the Northwest Cranial Association agree to respect the association’s Code of Ethics, to apply their best efforts toward practicing it and support their colleagues in doing the same. This code is intended to provide guidance byway of standard of attitude, understanding and behavior. It is written in a spirit of support and encouragement with the intent to inspire a community that values mutual respect and equanimity with all our relations.   

We hold respect for the self-healing principle and acknowledge that one person cannot heal or cure another. The choice and capacity to gain health lies first within the power of the patient, not with their practitioner. 
By the responsible application of techniques, or by the quality of their presence, the practitioner may help remove hindrances and support the patient’s self-healing.      

NWCA  believes that the holding of the therapeutic space with grounded presence that respects the client-centered nature of the approach is vital to what we as practitioners do. Members agree to implement the core values of compassion, care and respect.


   1. Be welcoming and respectful of diversity, be it spiritual, racial, gender, ethnicity, age, sexuality, socioeconomic background, etc.


  2. Maintain appropriate professional and personal boundaries.


  3. Follow all local, state and national, laws, standards and regulations regarding your license to touch.


  4.  Respect and protect the confidential personal information of clients and fellow members of NWCA.

   5. Interact in an honest, upright, non-judgmental, compassionate manner with clients and community members.

   6.Accurately inform clients, other healthcare practitioners, and the general public about the scope and limitations of Craniosacral Therapy practice.

   7.Serve only clientele when trained or certified to serve that specific clientele.

   8.Work within the scope of your practice. Refer clients to other qualified healthcare professionals as dictated by the situation, always advocating for the best care of clients.

   9.Respond promptly to criticism, complaints, and concerns of clients.

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