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Cranial Therapy Q & A

What happens during a cranial therapy treatment?

The session begins with a brief intake where you will discuss your health concerns with the practitioner. After this you will lie comfortably on the treatment table. You will not need to undress as this is not a massage. The practitioner will then begin the treatment, placing their hands on your body, typically on the areas of concern as well as on your head, along your spine and often on your feet. When they do this they are listening to various parts of your body they have found to be out of balance.

Will the treatment hurt?

No. Cranial can be profoundly relaxing, and is a safe and gentle modality. Most people who receive a cranial therapy treatment become deeply relaxed and often go into what they describe as a meditative state. Many say they feel relaxed and very calm for a few days after the treatment. Though not as common, it is possible you may experience some physical discomfort during the 48 hours following the treatment. This is actually a good sign. This indicates renewed circulation and nerve impulses activating an area in order to aid in its healing process.

How many treatments will be required?

There is no fixed amount. As a general rule, recent problems may be resolved more quickly. If you are dealing with older issues, it may take more treatments until the body unlearns the trauma pattern and the correct movement can be re-established. If the issue you are dealing with is on-going stress, then you may want to schedule regular treatments.

How long are cranial treatments?

Cranial sessions generally last 45-60 minutes. After a session you may want to leave time open to accommodate a few minutes for post-treatment relaxation.

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